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Mechanism Design for Social Good


Mechanism Design for Social Good (MD4SG) is a multi-institutional initiative using techniques from algorithms, optimization, and mechanism design, along with insights from other disciplines, to improve access to opportunity for historically underserved and disadvantaged communities. Members of MD4SG include researchers from computer science, economics, operations research, public policy, sociology, humanistic studies, and other disciplines as well as domain experts working in non-profit organizations, municipalities, and companies.

We take an interdisciplinary, multi-stakeholder approach to improve equity and social welfare for marginalized groups. We have worked in problems across a variety of domains such as education, development, fairness and discrimination, housing, healthcare, inequality, and labor markets. Our goal is to facilitate interactions across academia, policy, and industry and to foster collaborations across disciplines. To this end, we organize a monthly online colloquium series, domain-specific working groups, workshops and tutorials, and other activities aimed at exploring new research directions, implementing and deploying solutions, and highlighting exemplary work.

If you would like to get announcements about MD4SG events, you may join our email list here and subscribe to our calendar. We welcome all interested parties to sign up. We especially encourage junior researchers and students in the early stages of their studies as well as policymakers and individuals working in industry, nonprofit organizations, government, and those from underserved communities. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more or being involved in our activities.

Organizers: Rediet Abebe, Irene Lo, Ana-Andreea Stoica and Francisco Marmolejo.
Contact: organizers@dt3ksc.wcbzw.com

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